The Road to Prosperity

Our highway system is not in keeping with our development potential across the entire
Northern portion of the State of Arkansas. We are asking help to rectify this deficiency
by supporting our efforts for US Highway 412; so as to bring it up to modern day
standards that will allow immediate accessibility impacting the social and economic well-
being of the Northern portion of the State.

Throughout the entire Northern portion of Arkansas, U.S. Highway 412 is the primary
arterial route from East to West. Established in 1988 by the US Congress as a “High
Priority Corridor”, Highway 412 extends from Tulsa, OK throughout Arkansas to the
Nashville, TN area. When brought up to the standards of a “High Priority Corridor”; the
entire Northern portion of the State will realize the full potential of our untapped natural
resources and underutilized labor force. Every business, farm and household along the
route will be directly benefited.

US Highway 412 is part of the Federal National Highway System (NHS) and the Arkansas
Department of Transportation (ArDOT) Primary Highway Network (APHN). It was designated as
a “High Priority Corridor” by the US Congress in 1991 as part of the Intermodal Surface
Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA).

Current conditions of our US Highway 412 Corridor has a level of intolerance
discouraging economic growth and participation by industrial, commercial and
recreational interests. Surface transportation has failed to keep pace with the
tremendous development potential of the entire Northern region of Arkansas.
It is clear that the primary reason our corridor has not been considered a priority is that there
has not been a strong enough voice raised. This issue is one that affects the entire Northern
region of our state and is not specific to any specific county or community. It is critical that our
voice be united and focused on relief being provided across the entire Northern region of

Our rural communities throughout the Northern Region of Arkansas has limited accessibility and
are mired in economic stagnation, with trends for the future uniformly negative. This decline
transcends economic considerations threatening the eternal values that have cemented our
South’s identity. We can no longer accept the isolation brought by limited surface transportation




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